I’m happy to participate in the group show 360 degrees at MD Gallery in Shanghai

360 is a group show giving a 360° vision on the artists and illustrating the choices of the gallery opening saturday November 21st (announced until Dec 31st) This exhibition shows together all the works by Erwin Olaf, JonOne, Futura, Prune Nourry, JR, VHILS, Ma Liang, Zhang Dali, Ludo, Peikwen Cheng etc through photos, videos, paintings, drawings, and even sculptures.

Exhibition Details

Exhibition: 21 November, 2015 – 11 January, 2016
Opening: 21 November, 2015

Magda Danysz Gallery
188 Linqing Road (x Pingliang Road)
Shanghai, China

Magda Danysz - MD Gallery - 360 degrees - Shanghai