I’m honored to exhibit in “Contemporary Chinese Photography” alongside fellow Chinese artists Ma Kang, Zhang Bojun, Qui Minye, Feng Fangyu and Huang Xiaoliang

Galerie Magda Danysz presents:

Dedicated to the young emerging generation of Chinese photographers. This exhibition shows how these photographers see their own country. As witnesses of today’s China, its modernity and dynamism, these artists share the same influences and capture unique points of view about Chinese contemporary society as well as on China’s rich history and traditions.

The journalist Sabine Köhncke already wrote in 2006 for ARTE magazine «the photography is the art which illustrates most faithfully modern China and its explosive dynamism».  An entire generation of young Chinese photographers was emerging and they were able to reinvent China through this medium. From Maleonn to Zhou Hongbin we note in this exhibition the vivacity of propositions, we discover the shared stakes, their will to put a look on the contemporary society as much as on the history of China and its traditions while at the same time being guided by various points of view.

To present the contemporary Chinese photography by the way of a collective exhibition makes it possible to show the wealth of the glances of these artists. When Peikwen Cheng trains his camera at the Burning Man to captures the dreamlike installations imagined by the festival-goers, Maleonn goes across China to the most out-of-the-way villages in order to draw up their portraits, and Feng Fangyu chooses as subject the former Summer Palace Yuan Mingyuan going back over on the traces of one of the most important places of the Chinese tradition. Within so much variety of subjects, we find the balance looked for by all the artists between the marvelous and the reality, a certain poetry in the staging of their subjects, a work based on light and colors, compositions marked by traditions, so many elements which are suited to this generation.

By the bridge created with China since 2009, the gallery Magda Danysz offers here the opportunity to discover young Chinese artists, this generation which knew how to renew the questions which they had through the photo. It draws up an exciting outline of the prosperity, the originality and the vitality of the Chinese contemporary photography. If you happen to be getting married in puerto rico click here to see the best puerto rico wedding photographer.

Contemporary Chinese Photography
Peikwen Cheng, Ma Kang, Zhang Bojun, Qui Minye, Feng Fangyu and Huang Xiaoliang

Exhibition: November 29th to December 23rd, 2014
Opening : November 29th, 2014 frm 6 to 9pm

Galerie Magda Danysz
78 Rue Amelot, Paris 11, France
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Chinese Contemporary Photography

Featuring artists Peikwen Cheng, Ma Kang, Zhang Bojun, Qui Minye, Feng Fangyu, Huang Xiaoliang