I am honored to be selected to C/O Berlin’s distinguished Talents 2012 program:

Since 2006, in the Talents exhibition series, C/O’s e.V. has been promoting young photographers and art critics at the threshold between education and career. Each year, four photographers are chosen to exhibit their work on a specific theme at C/O Berlin in the Postfuhramt as well as at the Goethe Institute in New York City. Each solo exhibition is accompanied by a publication in which images and text enter into dialogue. Talents is an experimentation space for young international contemporary photography and art criticism. As a platform for the future, the C/O Berlin Talents program is unique and unrivalled in Europe.

Congratulations to my fellow photographers who will also be participating:

  • Mirko Martin (Germany)
  • Anne Schuhmann (Germany)
  • Timotheus Tomicek (Austria)

Big thanks to the esteemed panel for supporting our work:

  • Felix Hoffmann (Curator, C/O Berlin)
  • Anne-Marie Meckmann (Deutsche Börse Groupe)
  • David Elliott (Curator, Author)
  • Anton Corbijn (Photographer)

As details become available, I will provide more information about my solo exhibitions later this year in Berlin at C/O Berlin and in New York at the Goethe Institute.

Launching out of Oblivion from the series Lost and Found by Peikwen Cheng

Launching out of Oblivion